you can get easily home loan with us. We Provide expert financial advisor Home Loan Services in can also be a proud homeowner.Whether you are employee or self-employed, you can get a home loan with competitive interest rates for the buy of row home, bungalows, flats, and even plots. Faster processing and best affordable EMIs make Finance Bazar home loans the great the choice for new or experienced home buyers. We also offer expert financial legal and technical counseling to make the house buying process that much easier. Let us lend you a helping hand in making your big dream come true.

We at assist you to get the knowledge you required to make informed decisions about your home loan. We strive to provide as much as right information to our clients to make the home loan process simple and easy by giving you tools, information, and guidance so that you can move forward with a firm decision and home
a loan that suits your financial status.

Home loan services in Mumbai

Here are some points to help and guide you to get the best home loan.

Plan according to your budget– You may love to buy an apartment on the sixth floor which is a 2BHK and very near to your office, but major part of your salary will go in paying an EMI every month, so this will not be feasible, hence choose carefully. Sieve out options that don’t best for you, this saves time and money. Moreover, it helps you manage your financial issue.

Find out your loan eligibility beforehand– It will save you from surprises later on. Finance Bazar have their loan eligibility calculator available online. You just have to fill in a few pieces of information and it will tell you whether you can avail a loan or not.

Know the loan basics- Know the basics as to what documents are needed to get a loan sanctioned, how things work, how long will it take for the disbursement.

Maintain a good credit score– This is the most important part of preparing yourself for a home loan. Pull out your credit report, which is very important for your loan approval, A credit score of 700 to 750 is excellent to get your loan.

Get the best interest rate– Do not blindly choose a loan that is available on an apparently low-interest rate.Home loan companies in Mumbai Compare the rates of different institutes and see what suits you the best. Go to a bank with your salary account it will be easier as your salary comes there and the finance bazar knows you, the deductions can be directly made. Your loan will also get approved faster, but check the rates and benefits if any.

Differentiate between floating and fixed rateHome Loan Services in Mumbai Fixed rate remains the same until the end of the tenure. You will not get the benefit if the rates are reduced, so if your fixed rate is on a higher side, then opt for a floating rate.


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